Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amazing Startup and Shutdown Speeds of Ubuntu 10.04

The following are videos showcasing the startup and shutdown speeds of Ubuntu 10.04 RC.  What makes these videos even more impressive is that the computer used to demonstrate this test was a netbook pc.



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Major surgery! My hack job on my network switch to make my life better

My switch has always been noisy. However starting yesterday it has been ridiculously loud thanks to an aging fan.

I pulled the switch off the wall and tore it apart to dig out the fan and dust everything off. Turns out I only had one fan the right size but it was obviously not powerful enough for the job. My other choice was to step up to a fan I keep stocked... the standard 80mm case fan.

I grabbed my trusty drill bit from back in the days where I would put 80mm and 120mm fans on the side of my case (they didn't come on the side back in those days.) and got to work.

I made sure I found a spot on the switch cover where I would have enough clearance with the internal components to fit the new fan. Then I got a punch and hammer to make an indent for my drill bit.

Ouch. As soon as the inner drill bit made it through the amazingly thick sheet metal, the bit grabbed and spun it right out of my hand cutting me in the process. I'll live, thanks for the concern.

Well it took a few minutes of drilling to get the bit all the way though, then I took fan grill (I stock them too) and used that to mark the location of the screw holes. Using the punch once more I made my indents, then drilled all the holes. The holes can be bigger than the screws if desired because the fan grill will actually be there to hold the screw.

Finally I put the fan and grill in place, had to adjust the wiring order on the fan plug (the old plug was reversed in polarity) hooked it all back up and tried it out. Now the switch is quieter than ever before!

I know a few potential issues with what I did. 
  • The airflow will not be identical to the old fan but I did close off the old fan hole with clear tape to try to keep it close to original. A baffle inside the switch could be easily constructed with duct tape to direct the air in the exact same path it had before but I think this is close enough.

  • The old fan was 5 volts and the case fan is 12 volts. From what little I understand this is not an issue, the fan will just turn slower than if it had all 12 volts.

  • The old fan was .24a @ 5 volts. The new fan is .13a @ 12 volts. I'm not sure what the final draw is though since the new fan isn't actually running at 12 volts. I'm more concerned about startup current.

  • Finally I know a larger fan moves more air at less rotations but I have no way of knowing if I am moving more or less air than before. I don't want to over heat.

That's all folks. And yes my network is a mess. I sure don't have time to clean that up.